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Tao Shiatsu Montreal Shiatsu school

Tao Shiatsu Montreal
Training outline

We follow the International Tao Shiatsu Society way of training and add to that the local requirements for certification. Tao Shiatsu study fosters the development of Ki and Heart as well as the realization of how we affect others and create the future for ourselves and the world.

The next training Dates:

The Ki and Heart course:

Starting March 27th at 6pm

The Power of Ki Workshop Prerequisite to the Tao Shiatsu Shuren course:

Dates to be announced

The Tao Shiatsu Shuren course:

Dates to be announced


FIRST step is the "Power of Ki workshop".
This 3-hours workshop allows the student to discover this unique training method and to see if this approach is what they wish to follow.
At the end of the workshop, the teacher will invite students to the training. Cost: by donation.

NEXT step is the six weekends over six months the students study in "Shuren" or the basic skills level.
In this level the students see and practice:

  • Ki Do-In – Exercises for Ki development that includes: meridian yoga, renki (a qigong type exercise) and kishindo (a spiritual martial art)
  • Basic forms of Level One Tao Shiatsu in the side-lying, face down, face up and seated position. These include Supervessel recognition;
  • "Tsubo" treatment as well as Ki and Heart work at each stage
  • Heart of Communication Training

A fee of $220 applies for each weekend.

At the completion of the Shuren level the student is invited to the next level of training, which is Shoden or beginning transmission.
This training is given on the second weekend of each month except for August.
It is a continual training level in which students remain until they have completed tests for all of the study content.

Training Levels
Level 1 and level 2 training
Shoden and Chuden

The training program is a chance to directly experience the mystery of the Ki world and the greatness of the heart. It is for anyone truly wishing for the health, healing, and spiritual development of humankind.

Level 1

• Ki Do-In: Renki 1 exercises, Aiki 1 forms, Ki Meditation and Meridian stretching
• Basic Forms 1 with Ki method: Side, Face-down, Face-up & Sitting positions
• Basic Forms 2: Side position
• Meridians: Super Vessels (main and sub meridians of thick, medium, and thin SV)
• Tsubo Method: How to treat random Tsubo
• Heart of Communication Training: Level 1
• Ki work and meditation: From 56 philosophies of Tao Sangha

The time in Level 1 is usually about 10-18 months. The student asks for the tests when they feel ready.
At the end of this level of study the student can continue to Chuden, the next level and use the title of Level 1 Tao Shiatsu Practitioner.

*For local certification the student must pass the tests of Basic Forms 1 and Tsubo treatment and do a minimum of 100 hours at this level.
Please note that they cannot yet use the Tao Shiatsu Practitioner designation. This is reserved to students who have passed all of the Shoden tests,
but they are able to give safe and effective treatment.

A fee of $220 applies to each weekend. A $120 yearly member fee applies from this level on.

Level 2

• Ki Do-In: Renki 2 exercises, Aiki II forms, Ki Meditation and Meridian stretching
• Basic Forms 2 with Ki method: Side, Face-down, Face-up & Sitting positions
• Meridian treatment pattern with S.S.T: Treat Kyo lines and 18 Super Vessel Specific Tsubo
• Heart of Communication Training: Level 2
• Ki work and meditation: From 56 philosophies of Tao Sangha

In addition for both levels of study, students are expected to:
• Attend regular study groups with other students
• Give shiatsu treatments to others
• Give supervised treatments

Opportunity is available every year to experience a "stage" or clinical placement to give Shiatsu under supervision to the public.
Students must be competent to do the basic form and tsubo treatment. Students of Level 1 and 2 may participate in the same clinical setting.

Non Shiatsu course requirements for certification

While students can study Tao Shiatsu for personal development, if they wish to be certified they must complete courses in these core subjects:

Basic Certification in a 400 total program
• Anatomy and Physiology of the Structure: Muscles and Bones (45h)
• Anatomy and Physiology of the Body Systems (45h)
• Interviewing and Communication/ Helping Relationship (45h)
• Sexuality (45h)
• Ethics, Legalities and Field of Practice (30h)

Fee $425 per 45 hour course except for sexuality $450 - Total $2015
These courses are offered once per calendar year.

Advanced Certification Courses
• The body in transition includes modules related to pregnancy and reproduction, aging, and various pathophysiological and injury conditions (45-135h)
• Helping Relationship and Communication 2 (45-90h)
• Therapeutic Assessment and Intervention East West (45-120h)
• Business management (45h)

The Ki and Heart course

This is an introductory course to experience Eastern philosophy and healing practices. Class participants will learn and practice six Spiritual health practices that unify the heart & body with universal life force known as “Ki”.

It’s also a chance to understand the complexity of the human heart, to heal, and increase health, happiness, positive attitudes, and a bright future for yourself and others. Each week will have a different heart theme to practice, such as; Purpose of life, Gratitude, Giving Heart, Creating good fortune, and more…
The Ki and Heart course is for everyone from complete beginners to experienced bodyworkers, meditators, and marital artists. Students new to Eastern understandings of Ki, ‘life energy’ will find the opportunity to experience the relationships between imagination, Ki and the state of one’s heart inspiring and beneficial.
This course is 12 weeks long and the total price is 300$
This course is also recognized by the FQM.